Valley View Volleyball - 2020/2021 Season News & Updates

Posted by Valley View Volleyball Club on Nov 08 2020 at 05:07PM PST

Valley View Updates
The Valley View Volleyball Board of Directors met last week to determine our ability to logistically and safely start our volleyball offerings. Based on multiple factors, including gym availability and COVID-19 safety protocols, * is was decided that in the best interest of the club that we cannot open for play until (at the earliest) January 2021*. Any volleyball operations for VVV are facility-driven. Our gym use is operated by Riverview School District and as the district is operating remotely, we will not run any volleyball until their facilities are available and we can ensure the safety of all involved. The Riverview School District is planning for an early winter/spring return, but even then, we are at the discretion of the district, schools, and state safety requirements.
Upon the re-opening of gym space, we will review all options that align with current Washington State guidelines to determine what volleyball opportunities we can safely facilitate. This could mean clinics and/or inter-club play vs. intra-club play (Power League, tournaments, etc).

How Can Other Clubs Operate?
It is true that neighboring clubs are running some outdoor (and indoor) opportunities, but it simply comes down to physical gym space and administrative/coaching bandwidth. Many of the clubs capable of running volleyball currently have a full team of paid operational staff and coaches along with a private, physical facility.

What Can I Do to Help?
Knowing that VVV is a small, volunteer heavy, non-profit we need your help! We are looking to build a robust Board of Directors comprised of smaller committees to assist and balance the workload of our volunteer board members. Our current board is a working board meaning that we assume the administrative responsibilities for the organization to keep it running. The board members have a vision to take Valley View to the next level and if you are interested in supporting, brainstorming, networking, empowering and educating we invite you to inquire about our open positions on the executive board and sub-committees. If interested in Board President or Member at-large position, please contact

What do we know about the season?
We know that the PSRVB “season” will not start until at least January 2021. It will be a truncated season, with 12s-14s playing a fuller Power League starting in March. Because of the WIAA shift of volleyball to March, 15s-18s will probably only have a Seeding Day and 2 Power Leagues so they can all play a full High School (albeit truncated) season. During all of this, there will be opportunities to play some tournaments, but all of this is dependent on phases and clubs’ ability to find gym spaces. Power Leagues could possibly be 3 v 3, or 4 v 4, again dependent on Washington state phase permissions.

Right now, phase 2 only permits indoor club volleyball to have a percentage of the total gym square footage on a court and play within clubs, not competitively until Phase 3. It won’t be until Phase 3 or unless the state shifts sanctions that competition will be allowed among clubs and maybe increase the player: square footage per court indoors.

How does this impact cost, playing opportunities, and tryouts?
To compensate for the changes in this “season,” the region has shifted payment expectations to:
• Tryout memberships through December – $15/per player
• Regional membership upgrade of $52 (minus the $15) to travel within Washington, Oregon, and Idaho
• Membership upgrade for national qualifiers and travel – $72/per player

Clubs are also encouraged to adjust their fees to compensate for these changes and VVV is no exception. Some clubs are doing tryouts now, with the option of offering returning players a waiver (signing without trying out). This can only be offered to players who played on a club team at that club last year. This does not include players who attended clinics or tried out for a club last year. When we return to play, we will certainly utilize these waivers if your players choose to return.

What happened to USAV Webpoint?
USAV has shifted its membership platform to SportsEngine so all parents/players will have an action item from me. I will be sending out an invitation to join our SportsEngine membership. Parents will create a log-in for all players, so player registrations are now under the parent (not player) email. This allows you to handle your players’ memberships (registrations, upgrades, required training, etc.) all from one platform, regardless of where you land to play.

Again, please know that we are closely monitoring the state and USAV guidelines, as well as the RSD return-to-school plans to make decisions that are in line with our mission.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. We miss you all and hope to offer your players future volleyball opportunities in the new year!

Yours in Health and Volleyball,
Cathy Tiffany
Club Director
Valley View Volleyball

Cc: Board of Directors
Treva Wood, Vice President
Theresa Tenney, Treasurer
Kim Puhrmann, Secretary


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